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Welcome to YPC

Hello. We are so excited to have you here! Your Production Company exists because of a love of storytelling and technology coming together to form a team.


As a little girl, I(Jessica) loved movies that captured the visuals but I also loved falling asleep to Adventures in Odyssey tapes that allowed me to imagine my own visuals. I would spend hours, before I knew how to write, scribbling fake stories pretending to be a writer. As I grew, I loved reading the stories others had written. I can get lost in a good book and the thrill of holding a book and turning the pages. Don't get me started on the magical smell.

When watching a movie, I wanted to know everything from the actors names, the dance being performed, the lines, and the work it took to make it. I dreamed of being an actress/dancer. To step into those roles and inspire others the way I was.

Over the last few years, I have been blessed to explore and learn the side of the "work it takes to make it." I realize now how much I love to find and help tell the stories yet to be told. Listening to Odyssey gave me the practice in visualizing something before it's real and the movies showed me the power visuals have to inspire and make a difference. Video production can bring about emotions and connect with someone in a way others cannot.


TJ has years of fascination with technology. He enjoys learning about it and all its capabilities. I get a new phone and just want to know the basics. He dives into the updates, new capabilities, and secret tricks to use them better. So while I love what the equipment allows me to capture, he loves learning all about it.

From his gaming days in high school, coding apps, career at Verizon, to now a licensed drone pilot...his knowledge and interest have grown that much more.


We started working on video production together, at first, because I wanted

another set of hands and eyes to help me on a few projects not realizing what it could become. We always knew we wanted to find something we could both be apart of, but never knew this could be it. We quickly realized how much fun we have, that we could make each other better through the things we already loved, and give our clients a better experience and video.


One thing we believe the world is lacking...positive, uplifting, inspiring stories that make us want to reach for our dreams, be better, make a difference and

believe there is good all around us. We are flooded with the deaths, corruption, hate, disease, and disasters in the news and on the internet every day.

We want to be a company that brings balance to the sources we look to for information, education, and entertainment.

Everyone is living a story. Every failure, success, friendship, business venture, celebration, milestone, birth, death, struggle...all comes together to form a story we live and most of the time don't realize the impact it is having or could have.


To help people realize the importance of sharing their story. My(Jessica) personal dream is to produce a documentary and a musical. Why? They represent my own loves: a powerful true story and telling a story through music and dancing.

Where would we be without those great stories like Helen Keller, Viktor Frankl, Mother Theresa, Michael Jordan, to name a few.

What about the great musicals: The Sound of Music, The Greatest Showman, Phantom of the Opera, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins.

They have taught us to love, fight, dream, imagine, never give up, believe, trust in God, and work together.


For us to capture great stories, we need people like you brave enough to live their story and then to share it with others.

We can't wait to hear your story and make something great together that can then spread beyond ourselves to reach those who need to see it.



North Alabama




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